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The Thrill of Life

Life can be lived in as many different ways as there are people. At the opposite ends of the spectrum are; People who have difficulty witnessing their life as a dispassionate observer causing them to become consumed with the details of daily existence and people who do not see any limitations on their lives and don’t judge how their life stacks up against someone else’s and live everyday without fear, enjoying the thrill.

Personally, I pick the latter. How can you experience the full abundance of life if you are so afraid or so consumed with the daily grind that you don’t enjoy it. Your life is YOUR life, not someone else’s. I encourage you to take a few moments from your day and try to witness your life from a dispassionate observer. Is it the kind of life you are envious of? Are you so busy with your job and your commitments that you don’t have time to do the things you really enjoy? Worse yet, do you even know what you really enjoy doing?

I saw this video today that connected with me. The thrill of zooming down a hill with the wind in your hair. When I watched this video I tried putting myself in this young man’s shoes. He is fully engaged in the activity pushing around each corner, tempering his muscles and calming his fear of falling with the knowledge that he knows how to perform this skill.

It is the same feeling I got when I learned to downhill ski at the age of 45 and the feeling I get when I bicycle down a steep hill controlling the handlebars and applying the brakes periodically to control my speed. Or drafting behind my husband’s bicycle, my tire an inch from his, getting in the “zone” of the ride. I have always enjoyed the feeling of being in control in a somewhat uncontrollable environment.

So, take a moment to enjoy this video and share with me the experiences you’ve had that stretch the boundaries of life.

Today I will Oppose Nothing

Lately I have been listening to Deepak Choprah’s daily affirmations. I have found that they calm me and help make me more thoughtful. Yesterday’s affirmation is shown below. I have heard it many times and each time I hear it, it brings more clarity for me. It talks about not resisting opposition. When we oppose something, we block the power of spirit, or God.

The intention of the act that is causing you to resist could be for you to learn something or for something good to come to you or someone else. Sometimes we resist because the person or event has caused us pain or stress in the past, so we naturally shy away from it the next time it comes around. By resisting the person or event you are most likely to be presented with the situation over again until you stop opposing it.

Sometimes we resist because we want the outcome to be something specific; but that is not the way it is supposed to be. Your co-worker suggests a different solution than you had in mind, or your partner would like to relax on the weekend rather than going to the party. When we resist we block out some potentially marvelous connections and idea’s.

You have heard of people who narrowly escape disaster because they slept in, or felt compelled to go a different way to work, or noticed something they could have passed by, but took action instead. These people were listening to the universe and are were not opposing the events in their lives.

Sometimes, like in my case yesterday, we can avoid anxiety in our lives by not resisting. Yesterday my server was being incredibly slow and I really needed to get some work done. Instead of getting anxious and pushing lots of buttons and getting frustrated. I stopped opposing and tackled other activities that didn’t require my server and ultimately stopped working early and rode my exercise bicycle and did some other errands that I had been putting off.

 Deepak Chopra “O” Affirmation

“O” stands for letting go of opposition.

Which is also the law of least resistance, do less and accomplish more.
And ultimately do nothing and accomplish everything.
So put your attention in your heart and repeat.
When I feel opposition, I will not oppose it in return.
Today I will oppose nothing that occurs.
I will resist nothing.
In the words of Jesus Christ, ” I will resist not evil”
Evil is a projection of our shadows.
By embracing our own shadows and bringing the light of awareness to them and forgiving them we will diminish the evil in the world.
So remember letting go of opposition is about non-resistance.
It’s about the biblical injunction to turn the other cheek.
But it makes no sense to your EGO.
When your EGO feels pushed, the “I” inside you wants to push back.
When it is harmed it wants to lash out against the attacker.
In this way, the cycle of attack and defense never ends.
The soul’s approach is not to oppose.
Which means not to defend your position or point of view when a situation defies your expectations.
Let the opposition pass, either by leaving or waiting or surrendering to the obstacle.
The essence of this strategy is to put an end to struggle and conflict by allowing spirit to find its own way to the solution.
You are not required to be passive, however.
You will only find discovery when you refuse to oppose.
In many cases a solution will appear as if magically.
Which is a sign that you are learning to act through the level of your soul.

So let’s repeat the affirmation.
Today when I feel opposition I will not oppose in return.
Today I will oppose nothing that occurs.
I will resist nothing.
In the words of Jesus Christ, “I will resist not evil”
Today I will oppose nothing that occurs.

Palatki Heritage Site Sedona Arizona

Yesterday I visited the Palatki Heritage Site. It was just the adventure I was looking for. I had been disappointed in Sedona because of the hard sell tactics of the area until I decided to tap into the true beauty and nature of the area. Visiting the Palatki site was just what I needed.

There are ancient cliff dwellings which were once the home of the Hopi tribe and are now amongst the largest cave dwellings in the area. There are two hiking trails at the Palatki Heritage Site — one that will take you directly to the cliff dwellings and another to the rock art.

Photo-Jul-16,-1-33-30-PMThe site was approximately 8 miles from downtown Sedona and the last 3 miles of the driver were on a dirt road, but it was a very easy drive. At first I was a little nervous because there were several jeeps passing me on the way, but then I saw a Cadillac and Mercedes Benz coming toward me and I felt better.

These sites were first described by Dr. Jesse Walter Fewkes who gave them the Hopi name of Palatki (Red House). The Hopi, however, have no specific names for these sites. The trails, are each ¼ mile one way making the round trip distance one and one half mile.

Ranger at Palatki Heritage Site in Sedona Arizona

Palatki Heritage Cave Dwellings in Sedona ArizonaThe first trail (to the right) took me up to the cliff dwellings where I met Jeff, a ranger, who was there to describe the cliff dwellings for visitors and answer their questions. Jeff said that the dwellings were about 2 stories tall originally and had flat roofs made of wood with ladders going between the floors. The Palatki people had been nomads and became sedentary when they learned how to farm corn and other food.

They used to let people walk through the dwellings, but due to vandalism they had to put rocks in the doorways to discourage people from entering.

Our Guide explained that the people who settled here most likely did so because of the easy water supply. The water would flow off the rock above and into a pool in the rock. The white hieroglyphics with squiggly lines indicated water. They aren’t sure if the intention was to invoke more water or to indicate the presence of it for others who may follow.

This was a very easy and enjoyable hike of 1/2 mile up to each site. If you visit Sedona I recommend stopping to see these wonderful relics.

Visiting Sedona Arizona

I am visiting Sedona Arizona while my husband attends a 3 day training session on Reiki Healing. I have been looking forward to this trip; investigating cave paintings and looking forward to the artistry of the people here. Unfortunately, the area seems to be so overwhelmed with people trying to make a buck that the real artistry and natural beauty of the place are lost. I am due to visit the Palatki Heritage Site this afternoon so I’m still hoping to recover my joy today.


We visited Jerome yesterday. Jerome is a small town on one of the many hilltops in the area. The town owes its existence mainly to copper deposits that formed about 1.75 billion years ago along a ring fault in the caldera of an undersea volcano. As the ore deposits became exhausted, the mines closed, and the population dwindled to fewer than 100 by the mid-1950s. Efforts to save the town from oblivion succeeded when residents turned to tourism and retail sales. Jerome became a National Historic Landmark in 1967. In the early 21st century, Jerome has art galleries, coffee houses, restaurants, wineries, and a state park and local museum devoted to mining history.

Jerome Wishing OuthouseI was led to believe that Jerome was where the majority of the artisans displayed and sold their art. What I found was a small town with buildings precariously perched on a rocky hillside with some small shops, bars and a couple of restaurants tucked in here and there. The biggest attractions seemed to be the burned out shell of a 1930’s hotel with a makeshift fence surrounding it where people pitched pennies hoping to make it into an old toilet. The other popular attraction was a local ice cream shop. The locals seemed to be generally old “hippy” types with a population of 448. We stopped at an abandoned school that was purchased by a husband and wife 30 years ago. They have filled the home with workshops for creating art. Sounds like a wonderful adventure, but it did not capture my admiration. The woman who greeted us (and I use that phrase loosely) seemed to have suffered too many drug induced hallucinations. The family dog was perhaps the most interesting of this old school building. She let us know that the price of admission was a tummy rub as we walked out the door.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Our visit to the Chapel of the Holy Cross was much more interesting. We came an hour before it opened which afforded us the opportunity to enjoy the serenity of the space. We didn’t get to go inside, due to the early hour, but the outside was spectacular. Perhaps I will go inside later in my trip.

The walk up from the parking lot was beautiful with a circular walkway that hugged the large rock face the church is built on. At the top of the walkway was a small shrine with a humming bird feeder and several humming birds. It was delightful. You could hear the birds chirping all around and there were no other noises. It is so rare these days to find places where there are no human type noises. It was wonderful and relaxing.

Designed by Marguerite Brunswig Staude, a pupil of Frank Lloyd Wright, the Chapel appears to rise out of the surrounding red rocks. The Chapel is open from 9am to 5pm daily.

Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona Arizona

Youth America Grand Prix Ballet Competition

Youth America Grand Prix supports and develops world-class dancers, ages 9-19, of all economic, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds by providing scholarship auditions, performance and education opportunities. They do this by holding auditions in major cities around the world every year.

I recently watched a movie on Netflix, “First Position”. It was so inspiring to see such young people with such huge talent and drive. This is a preview, but you can rent the full length on Youtube for less than $3 or watch it on Netflix.

I was drawn to this movie because of my experience as a figure skater. The dedication and youth of the participants is the same in figure skating as ballet. It is truly amazing to see young people with “what it takes”. My husband calls them old souls.

Aran Bell

Aran is the most adorable little 11 year old boy who is clearly talented. This young man has nowhere to go but up. He is coached by Denys Ganio who is a very funny french man. His father is in the Navy and this family struggles to find the training this little athlete needs.

If we have one or two like him in our life, that’s a lot. I was lucky to have my son accepted at age 20 to the Paris Opera Ballet. And now I have Aran, and I am complete.Denys Gania

Miko Fogarty

Miko Fogarty is a young dancer in the US competition. She is a very talented young 11 year old who feels dancing in her blood and can’t imagine doing anything else. I loved her story in the movie “First Position”. She has a little brother, Jules, who is also a dancer. But, you can see that he doesn’t really enjoy it like she does. She listens well to her ballet teacher and is one of those talented few who do much better in front of an audience.

Joan Sebastian Zamora

Joan Sebastian is from Columbia. His story shows how these young people often have to give up things the rest of us take for granted. He struggles at such a young age, living away from his family. He feels a drive to become a dancer, but it is also reinforced by his parents who want a better life for him.

Michaela DePrince

Another unbelievable example is Michaela DePrince who was adopted from Sierra Leone, West Africa. Her story is a perfect example of believing in yourself. This young woman had NOTHING going for her. She wanted to be the beautiful ballerina in the magazine at the orphanage. She was adopted out of pity by a woman who wanted to adopt her friend. She suffers from vitiligo, a skin disease. Yet somehow she manages to step above all the noise and naysayers to become an amazing ballet dancer.

Gaya Bommer Yemini

Gaya is such a cute little girl from Israel. She develops a new found love of dancing when she sees Aran in a dance class of adults. Her mother, Nadine, is her choreographer. Gaya and Aran have a clear interest in each other and they are adorable together in this movie. Gaya is also clearly talented and does a very wonderful modern dance routine in the movie.

This movie has something for everyone. Even my husband who is a Marine enjoyed it. I highly recommend the $3 price of admission. Let me know what you thought of the movie.

Farmers Market Boulder Colorado

Today I visited the Boulder Farmers Market and the only thing that was disappointing was that I didn’t have a bigger bag and a cart with wheels. It was, in my friends words, “better than Whole foods” and that is saying a lot.

Natural Honey

If the bee disappeared from the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.
–Albert Einstein
There were so many yummy vegetables. From beans to cinnamon rolls they had everything… All fresh, all organic and all good.

We met a young woman selling infused honey to help with nervous system issues and other ailments. They had their own bee farm, Highland Honey Bees. Their honey is as close to raw as you can get. They do not heat the honey, instead it is creamed so that it will never crystalize.

Honey, like wine, coffee, chocolate, and cheese, is part of America’s epicurean food awakening. Once you have eaten an exquisite honey, you will always know the difference between a generic honey and that of a raw product with unique local tastes and floral


This video features Tim Brod, owner of Boulder-based Highland Honey Bees. He discusses the effect pesticides have on bees and why it is so important to work toward a pesticide free world.

One of the best things you can do to support bees today is to plant high nectar producing plants.Tom Brod

The Beekeeper from Spencer Sarson Visuals on Vimeo.

The Market

The Market spanned an entire block in Downtown Boulder with a food section with a band playing and nice places to sit and listen or watch. There were wines, vegetables, plants & bakery items. I wanted to try everything.

If you’re ever in Boulder you need to visit the Farmers Market. And if you’re not in Boulder you should look up a Farmers Market in your area. What better way to get your food than fresh and local?

Estes Park Colorado Travel Big

Estes Park is home to the famous Rocky Mountain National Park and since no commercial businesses are allowed within the national park it is a big draw for visitors who want to get away and enjoy the beauty of one of our great national parks. The population in the 2010 census was a whopping 5,858. Estes Park sits at an elevation of 7,522 feet (2,293 m).

The huge crags that surround Estes Park are frequented by rock and ice climbers, but there is also an opportunity for boating on quiet lakes and rivers, mountain biking and horseback trails. Trail Ridge Road is a designated national scenic byway and you will see an abundance of wildlife along your way.

Harry Kent’s Kent Mountain Adventure Center even offers clients a chance to live like a big-wall rock climber for a night, offering dinner, drink and a sleep under the stars on a 4-by-7 platform clipped to cliff. A friend of mine, Paul Hickenbottom, actually has done this as part of his mountain climbing hobby. I’m not sure this is on my bucket list, but I’m not ruling it out.

Scenic Riverwalk

There is a scenic riverwalk by the Big Thompson. The headwaters of the Big Thompson River begin in Forest Canyon within Rocky Mountain National Park in Larimer County, Colorado. The river flows east through Moraine Park to the town of Estes Park.

Elkhorn Avenue

Elkhorn Avenue is the town’s busy main street. The name is Elkhorn for a reason. It is famous for being heavily populated with Elk during the summer season. Locals keep their distance but visitors aren’t always as respectful.

In September 2013 Estes Park experienced a flood. It was quite an ordeal for people living there but the city has recovered wonderfully.

Stanley Hotel

Stanley Hotel in Estes Park ColoradoThis century-old hotel overlooks the town. The hotel also hosts a ghost tour and whiskey bar. The Stanley Hotel is a 140-room Colonial Revival hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. Located within sight of the Rocky Mountain National Park, the Stanley offers panoramic views of the Rockies.

The Stanley is famous in popular culture for having inspired horror novelist Stephen King to write The Shining, published in 1977. In 1974, horror writer King spent one night in Room 217 at the Stanley Hotel with his wife Tabitha while on a vacation to the Boulder area.

And if you’re looking to improve your health, they have a brand new expansion to include a huge wellness center.



Events Abound

Each Labor Day the town celebrates the Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival.

Since 2013, the Stanley Hotel property has hosted the Stanley Film Festival, an independent horror film festival operated by the Denver Film Society, held in early May. The festival features screenings, panels, student competitions, audience awards and receptions.

Coolest Car Show is held every July 4th.

Boulder Colorado

Next week we are going to visit Boulder Colorado. I’m excited as it is supposed to be one of the sunniest cities in the U.S. According to reports it gets over 300 days of sunshine per year.

Boulder is home to the main campus of the University of Colorado. It is also frequently ranked among the best cities in terms of health, well-being, quality of life, education and art.

mountain-219626_1280Boulder is in Boulder Valley where the Rocky Mountains meet the Great Plains. There is also a famous rock formation called the Flatirons.

Hold onto your hats as we take you on a preliminary tour of Boulder; things to do, places to eat and what to explore. Feel free to watch any video that interests you and please share with your friends.

Outdoor Sports

Boulder is surrounded by thousands of acres of recreational open space. Boulder hosts the Bolder Boulder 10km run every year on Memorial Day since 1979 which attracts more than 50,000 runners, joggers, walkers, and wheelchair racers.


There are hundreds of miles of bicycle-pedestrian paths, lanes, and routes. There is also a route-finding website that allows users to map personalized bike routes.



One of the most popular sections of Boulder is the famous Pearl Street Mall, home to numerous shops and restaurants. This four-block pedestrian mall is a social hotspot in Boulder, with dozens of restaurants of all kinds and specialty stores that include artisan shops and unique gadget shops. In the summer and on weekends, many street shows and acts can be found throughout the mall, along with street vendors and henna tattoo artists.




Dushanbe Teahouse

Dushanbe Teahouse was built by hand without the use of any power tools, it was constructed in Dushanbe, Tajikistan as a gift to their sister city, Boulder.

It was disassembled, crated up, and sent halfway around the world to be rebuilt in Boulder as a symbol of friendship and cultural exploration. The elaborate and creative teahouse now sits as a reminder to the citizens of Boulder to value cultural diversity, global cooperation, and international

Native Foods Vegan Cafe

Native Foods Café is the premier chef-crafted vegan restaurant concept serving homemade, fresh, fun food.

The New York Times – What to do in Denver

Visiting the Best Place to Live

Feel free to watch any video that interests you and please share with your friends.