Cork Ireland is about 20km from Cobh, where we were docked. We took a nice bus ride there with our tour guide Michael. The roads to Cork were very narrow, bairly containing the girth of our tour bus, and the hillsides were covered in beautiful green. The climate in Ireland is “mild” which I assume means not freezing, because it was very windy with a touch of drizzly rain (much like Seattle winter weather). I absolutely loved the rock walls. They were everywhere and often topped with a series of pointed rocks. They spoke to the regions longevity and ruggedness.

The Churches

Saint fin Barr We saw the historic Saint Fin Barr’s Cathedral and experienced an organ recital which was a wonderful experience and totally unexpected. It is truly a marvel to see this huge cathedral with its soaring spires and bell towers, graceful stone curved ceilings, stained glass windows and statues with hidden parables.

imageWhen the church was built many people did not read so the statues held meaning and reminders for the parishioners. There were the ignorant virgins and the prepared virgins that guarded the entrance to teach young girls to be prepared when given a task, for example.

imageI found the history really amazing because we (U.S.) don’t really have the history they do in Europe. These little kneeling cusions really adorable and practical. The pews in the church were also ancient. The Europeans treasure their history and reuse and take care of these items. When buildings are constructed their longevity is considered and the older buildings are used, re-used and cared for.