Suzi Wilson

This is me

This is my blog. I design and host websites for a living, and although that takes up a lot of my time most my roles of wife, mother, grandmother, sister & friend are what define me as a person.

I love adventure, solitude, exercise, quietness, smelling lovely scents, eating good food, the new connectedness of the world.


My friends come from all over the country. What I love about my friends is that they are authentic and real. They are comfortable in their skin and they speak their mind. I believe I share that quality also and why I feel comfortable with others like that.

That’s my lifelong best friend, Sally (my identical twin).


Wife is one of my favorite and most cherished roles. My husband is the most supportive, understanding and wonderful man you will ever meet. He is the most perfect fit for me.

This is my best friend, confidant and lover, David Wilson.


From the family I was born into, to the family I created through marriage and family I have adopted as my own. They are all special. Everyone of my family members is unique and I love their quirky nature, I applaud their accomplishments and console and support them in their sorrows.

This is one of my beautiful grandsons, Andrew.