Happy Mother’s Day Sally

My sister Sally is the best mother I know. She started life as a mother with her two step children and then grew her family with four more of her own. You would never know the difference though as she treats them all with the same love and kindness and they in turn treat her the same. Her children treat her with loving kindness and respect. Now she is a grandmother to many as well and she cherishes each moment with them, even when she is tired or would rather be doing something else.

Our Mother

VivianOur Mother was also a great example. She was careful with her words. She told us every day how much she loved us, how beautiful we were, how talented we were and how proud she was of us. Because we heard this from such a young age we believed it. It made us stronger, smarter & more confident. We lost our mother to cancer when she was 47 and we were 25. For many years I hated to celebrate mother’s day. I resented that everyone else got to celebrate and I was sad. But, I’ve come to realize that I can celebrate other mothers and their beauty and accomplishment.

Thank you Mom & Thank you Sally. Happy Mother’s Day to all.