A friend shared an article by Kathryn Ashworth in Yoga International about a new study on the benefits of the side plank yoga position on people with Scoliosis which I want to share with you.


milwaukee brace for scoliosis

I was diagnosed at age 12 and had to wear a Milwaukee brace for 2 years.

Most people know someone with scoliosis as it affects 6 million Americans. I have a severe case of scoliosis as does my twin sister. My nephew and cousin also suffer from a lesser curvature of the spine. The cause, for most people, is unknown although it can also be caused by conditions such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy.

There was a great quote in the Yoga International article by Kathryn’s friend Amanda that mimic’s my feelings about my condition:

Everything is crooked when the spine is crooked. And it requires mindfulness to pull it together…

Side Plank

A team of researchers studied the side effects of side plank on reducing spinal curvature in scoliosis patients and it was published in Global Advances in Health and Medicine. Each participant was instructed to hold the posture on the convex side of their spine—the side that’s rounded outward—daily, and for as long as possible. According to the study, this averaged about 1.5 minutes a day for 6.1 days a week.

side plank yoga pose

19 of the 25 participants in the study had a reduction of curvature averaged 40.9%!

Although most yoga positions are supposed to be done on both sides to aide in asymmetry. For scoliosis sufferers it is recommended that they ONLY perform this pose on the convex (rounded outward) side.

I can’t imagine why I wouldn’t give this a try. Afterall, I love yoga. If it can be so beneficial for an ailment like Scoliosis, image what it can do for you.

See the article in its entirety here.