Life can be lived in as many different ways as there are people. At the opposite ends of the spectrum are; People who have difficulty witnessing their life as a dispassionate observer causing them to become consumed with the details of daily existence and people who do not see any limitations on their lives and don’t judge how their life stacks up against someone else’s and live everyday without fear, enjoying the thrill.

Personally, I pick the latter. How can you experience the full abundance of life if you are so afraid or so consumed with the daily grind that you don’t enjoy it. Your life is YOUR life, not someone else’s. I encourage you to take a few moments from your day and try to witness your life from a dispassionate observer. Is it the kind of life you are envious of? Are you so busy with your job and your commitments that you don’t have time to do the things you really enjoy? Worse yet, do you even know what you really enjoy doing?

I saw this video today that connected with me. The thrill of zooming down a hill with the wind in your hair. When I watched this video I tried putting myself in this young man’s shoes. He is fully engaged in the activity pushing around each corner, tempering his muscles and calming his fear of falling with the knowledge that he knows how to perform this skill.

It is the same feeling I got when I learned to downhill ski at the age of 45 and the feeling I get when I bicycle down a steep hill controlling the handlebars and applying the brakes periodically to control my speed. Or drafting behind my husband’s bicycle, my tire an inch from his, getting in the “zone” of the ride. I have always enjoyed the feeling of being in control in a somewhat uncontrollable environment.

So, take a moment to enjoy this video and share with me the experiences you’ve had that stretch the boundaries of life.