Ellen can be so funny. What I enjoy about Ellen is that she thinks and acts the way we do. There is no pretension. So, when she finds someone who is naturally funny and engaging, she taps into it and doesn’t try to change them. She just lets them be themselves. This is video is a perfect example.

Ari is a PA at the Ellen Show and she has tapped into his unique, Jewish, sense of humor. I particularly like the part where he is introducing the show when he realizes someone is towing their vehicle. It was fun watching him walk around the house yelling “man in the house”. It brought me back to the days when I would visit my sister Sally in her dorm at the University of Washington.

I also enjoy the people she has on the show. They are all just regular people doing regular things. Even when she has celebrities on the show she puts them in unnatural situations where they are put off balance and don’t always look so perfect and pulled together.

Watch this fun video and let me know what memories it brought up for you.

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