Face the sunGrowing up in the Pacific Northwest you realize what a precious gift the sun is to your mood. The term “seasonal affective disorder (SAD)” was something I had heard about and understood at a very young age. My life experiences have also given me an appreciation for our earth.

Weather and Mood

One estimate showed people in indudustrial societies tended to spend only 7% of their time outside.

A study by US psychology researcher Matthew Keller and colleagues showed that beneficial effects of weather on mood were only seen in people who had spent more than 30 minutes outdoors that day. In fact good weather had negative effects on mood for people confined indoors.

When you are exposed to the outdoors more, I believe, you also become more observant of nature and more concerned about our planet and the environment.

Power of Tides

Seagulls swoopingRiding the ferry one hour each way to work each day for 15 years allowed me to experience the effect of tides, the habits of sea birds and the power of our planet.

It gave me pause to consider the power of our moon to pull all the water on the planet, like pulling a blanket up night to keep you warm. Now, here at sea where the depth of the ocean is at 10,000 feet I can appreciate how powerful that is.

On a windy day you will see all the sea birds facing into the wind because they need the draft under their wings to take off. And if you have never seen the extreme joy of a seagull swooping around the ferry dock you are missing a true treat.

Storms and Global Warming

LightningEveryone has experienced storms; Hurricanes, Drought, Tornado, Flood, Earthquakes. But, these are all just extremes of natural weather conditions. They are the Earth’s natural evolutionary conditions. The world we know today is the most stable it has ever been. And while I believe we should try to minimize our effect on the planet, with all my heart. I also believe that some changes in our planet will, and must, occur in order to keep it healthy, AND we cannot effect the evolution.

Doomsday thinkers will try to scare the population into believing that California will eventually fall into the sea and that a meteor will strike our planet and destroy everything on it. The fact is that it will take thousands, if not tens of thousands of years for California to disappear and that we can do little to avoid being hit by a meteor or change the effect of that collision.

Happy Day

Our mother earthWhat we can do is to make our time on this planet as comfortable, enjoyable and healthy as we can for ourselves and others. We are all in this together. We are responsible for protecting what we can of our home planet and all its inhabitants. The animals, insects and fish who live on the planet also are important to its survival. Where would we be without the silent diligence of our little bees?

So, I am hoping that the next generation will take more interest in our planet and enjoy everything it has to offer and pass that knowledge and love onto the next generation. My hope is that we learn that it isn’t only about OUR survival so that we don’t become a cancer on our beatiful blue earth.