We are now on day 4 of our cross Atlantic trip to Europe and everyone has fallen into a rhythm. Most everyone has found their favorite places and figured out where things are located. So, today I sat down to read, which I don’t often do.

Idle Mind, Creative Mind

I read an article about the power of boredom by Clive Thompson in the April edition of Wired. Clive was talking about an idle mind and how it is often more creative than a busy one. There are several studies that have demonstrated this. This got me to thinking…

When we were children do you remember coming up with new games or building a new toy from leftover toy parts? He says that psychologists worry that, rather than letting our minds reach that idle state, we try to eliminate the idle state by diverting our attention to something else, like Social Media.

Water, water

Water waterI have to admit that I have fallen into that; keep your mind busy, paradigm. On this trip, however, we scheduled a daily relaxation, steam room session which has given me an opportunity to relax and reflect. Nothing earth shattering has resulted from this idle state for me, but it has allowed me the pleasure of thinking about things I normally wouldn’t. The reflection of the clouds on the water and the strange horizon on the water where, I am certain, shows larger waves than the ones I see up close.

It has been very difficult on my husband who is almost never idle. Personally, I am truly enjoying the freedom this trip has provided. Freedom to not think about laundry, groceries, meal making, client demands. It is very nice and I will need to decide how to take this experience back home with me.

Relationships, Reflection & Vegetarianism

One thing this trip has afforded me is the opportunity to practice things that would be much more difficult to do at home.

A good time to dabble with vegetarianism. This trip I am going vegetarian. Since others are cooking and there is so much variety I thought I would try this and I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy it is. I have really enjoyed the options which I never considered before. Sunday night I had the most delicious artichoke heart casserole. Yum!

HappinessI have also decided that I am going to stop trying to reframe situations for others. I have a natural joy of people and a curiosity about the world which I, realize now, I keep trying to help others see. It is a pointless exercise and ultimately is disappointing. So, I’m just going to enjoy the world I see and let others live in the world they see, whether it is happy or sad.

I guess that is a bit of a relevation from my idle mind. Tell me about your idle mind relevations. I would love to hear about them.