Early in May I will be in Paris for the first time in my life. I’m almost 55 years old and it has taken this long for me to get to see a place that I have long identified with.

You see, I was born the oldest of identical twins. When we were born my mother named me and my father named my sister. My mother had a long time fascination with everything french. She was a very feminine woman and loved the romantic nature of the french. So, she named me Suzanne Marie, a name she thought was very, very french. This was a story that was reiterated to me throughout my life and I felt compelled to adopt it as I grew older. Not just to satisfy her, but to fulfill the destiny she so wanted for me.

My mother died when I was 25 and she never got to see me fulfill most of my destiny. But, I think of her often and relate to her in a real way. Sometimes when people we love die early we amplify their qualities. I don’t think that is a bad thing, necessarily. It has helped me pull out that feminine creature inside, which I love.

So, in early May I will get to see this wonderful enchanting place for the very first time. I’m looking forward to this wonderful journey and trying not to expect too much, as to not ruin the real experience.

I will be arriving on a Sunday, so there may not be too many shops open, but this will not be my last visit. If you have visited Paris I would love to hear about what you enjoyed there.

Photo by Lisa Widerberg