Suzi Wilson

This is my personal blog. I am definitely a “girly girl” but I am also a bit of a nerd. I love traveling, baking, exercise & working on my computer.


I love to travel. Until I was 50 years old I did not fly but after I married my husband, David, that all changed.


I’m just starting my recipe selection. Mostly because of my interest in the British Baking Show.


I also enjoy visiting museums and other interesting venues. You can see more about those items here.

Triple Chocolate Cheese Cake

ok. I guess I forgot to tell you that I have a Chocolate addiction. OMG, it is like I am in love with Chocolate. I don't even have to actually eat it. Just watching it is enough to take me over the moon. My husband understands my chocolate addiction. He even comments...

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Martha Stewart Easter Eggs

Martha Stewart has a special place in my life. I know she got into trouble, I know she may seem pretentious to many people. But, at a time in my life when things were falling apart and nothing was "normal" Martha Stewart was my anchor. She provided that place I could...

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Paris in the Spring time

Early in May I will be in Paris for the first time in my life. I'm almost 55 years old and it has taken this long for me to get to see a place that I have long identified with. You see, I was born the oldest of identical twins. When we were born my mother named me and...

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Cork Ireland

Our first stop after a long six days at sea will be Cork, Ireland. Cork is in Southern Ireland. With a population of 119,230 it is the second largest city in the state and the third most populous on the island of Ireland. We will be docked in Cobh which is 19 miles...

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